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The Quixotic Manhaj of al-Madkhali and Co.

Quixotism as a term or a quality appeared after the publication of El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha in 1605. Don Quixote, the hero of this novel, written by Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, dreams up a romantic ideal world which he believes to be real, and acts on this idealism, which most famously leads him into imaginary fights with windmills that he regards as giants.

Already in the 17th century the term Quixote was used to describe a person that does not distinguish between reality and imagination. The poet John Cleveland wrote in 1644, in his book The character of a London diurnall:

“The Quixotes of this Age fight with the Wind-mills of their owne Heads”[2]

The recent campaign by Moosaa Richardson and co. to save the Ummah from the Fitnah of Khalq al-Qur’an has been an embodiment of this phenomenon, but really, every major Madkhali worth his weight has a bit of Don Quixote in him.    Send article as PDF   

Don Quixote and the Jahmi Windmills

The Don Quixote of Salafiyyah bravely wages war against the Fitnah of Khalq al-Qur’an. Here he is bravely riding off into the sunset with his brave sidekick Sancho Panza after thoroughly refuting the Jahmiyyah. God be with you, Don Quixote! Many are the windmills from which you have saved the Ummah!    Send article as PDF   
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