It has been suggested by some that Syed Qutb was an Ash’ari. The response is two-fold. Number one, does being an Ash’ari mean that one cannot be a hero of Islam? Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi, the liberator of al-Quds, has proved that is not the case. Secondly, the claim is simply not true.
Syed Qutb certainly did not advocate Ash’arism! The Ash’ari scholars have a hard enough time understanding Ash’arism, someone untrained like Syed Qutb certainly could not. The fact that he may have used some expressions that contradict the Adiqa of the Salaf concerning the Sifat was incidental and a result of the environment in which he was raised. Unlike Zamakhshari or al-Razi, for example, he is by no means attempting to lay the groundwork for Ilm al-Kalam based Aqidah. He is not presenting arguments or shubuhat. (more…)