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Sh. Nabeel al-Awadhi on the false claimants of Salafiyyah

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Critiquing Innovators: The Way of the Salaf vs. the Hizbi Way

Adapted from Kashf al-Haqa'iq al-Khafiyyah'Inda Mudda'i al-Salafiyyah (Exposing the Hidden Realities of the Fake Salafis) by 'Abd al-Aziz al-'Usaymi, Makkah, KSA

The following are some characteristics of the Hizbi methodology:

  1. Their severe attacks against te scholars and sincere du’at, seeking to drop them off the Manhaj” and declare them “Qutbis”, Hizbis”, “Takfiris”, etc.
  2. They are deep in partisanship and they call to it under the slogan of Salafiyyah.
  3. A knee-jerk reaction to all views that conflict with their ahwa and the principles that they call to
  4. They sense that most people – to say nothing of the learned amongst them – consider their views strange.

As a result of this false principle and their extreme application of it, they end up contradicting the Manhaj of the Salaf for critiquing others and passing judgment on them. In fact, their methodology is in clear conflict with the principles employed by Shaykh al-Islam ibn Taymiyyah in his writings and fatawa, may Allah have mercy on him, to pass judgment about innovators. This is even though their opponents are not innovators; they are from Ahl as-Sunnah! You can judge for yourself by comparing his principles with the reality of their unjust refutations against their brothers from the Du’at and scholars whom they have attacked without any justification except following Hawa and the desires of their diseased souls.

The Principles of Shaykh al-Islam for Passing Judgment Against the Innovators

These principles are drawn from the book of Dr. Ahmad al-Hulaybi, Usul al-Hukm ‘Alal-Mubtadi’ah ‘Inda Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah (The Principles for Passing Judgment on Innovators in the View of Ibn Taymiyyah), published by Dar al-Fadilah:

  1. Seeking excuses for the people of piety and virtue any time they fall into innovation out of Ijtihad, and interpreting their problematic statements in the best light possible. (Abul-Hasan al-Ma’ribi was declared a heretic by Rabee al-Madkhali for espousing this principle)
  2. When a Mujtahid errs – whether in fundamental or subsidiary issues – he should not be deemed sinful. Even more so, he should not be declared deviant or a disbeliever.
  3. Excusing the innovator on account of his ijtihad does not mean consenting to the innovation he fell into, or permitting others to follow him in it. It is obligatory to rebut his innovation if needed while maintaining proper adab.
  4. Not passing judgment on the one who fell into innovation that he is from Ahl al-Ahwa’ wal-Bida’ or having enmity for him on its account, except if the innovation is well-known to the scholars of the Sunnah and severe.
  5. No one who has fallen into error in creed or something else can be judged to be doomed for certain, nor can any group be judged for certain to be from the Seventy-Two Astray Sects unless its error is severe.
  6. Caution must be exercised in regards to studying the state of a person who has done something that results in kufr or fisq before judging him to be a kafir or fasiq, lest he be judged kafir or fasiq without establishing hujjah against  him.
  7. Efforts should be made to bring the hearts together and to unify the ranks. Care should be taken not to let differences in secondary issues of Aqidah, etc. be a cause for breaking the bonds of brotherhood and loyalty and animosity (al-wala’ wal-bara’) between Muslims.
  8. Being just in mentioning the praiseworthy and blameworthy qualities of the innovators, accepting the truth that they have, and rejecting their falsehood.

These principles are in agreement with the balanced methodology of this Ummah which Allah has made “a middle nation” (ummatan wasatan) This is the methodology of the Salaf as-Salih… but do they have any Salaf?!?    Send article as PDF   

Sh. Al-Fawzan Advises Against Extremism In Criticisizing People    Send article as PDF   

Fatwa of Sh. ibn Jibreen on Sh. Rabee’s ‘Jarh wat-Ta’deel’

Q: It is known that Shaykh Rabee bin Haadee al-Madkhalee is the Shaykh of al-Jarh wat-Ta’deel. I heard a tape by him titled The Stance of Ahl us-Sunnah Against Bid’ah. In this tape, he warned against Shaykh Adnan Aal Aroor, and this has caused a commotion here in Algeria. What are your thoughts, O noble shaykh?


A Jewish Practice

When ‘Abdullah bin Salam, may Allah be pleased with him, accepted Islam, he wanted to reveal to the Prophet, peace be upon him, one of the qualities of the Jews. He said, “O Messenger of Allah, the Jews are a people given to falsehood. So hide me and ask them about my status amongst them before they learn that I am a Muslim.”

A group of them came to the Prophet and he asked them, “What is the status of Abdllah bin Salam amongst you?”

They said, “He is the best of us and the son of the best of us. He is our master and the son of our master. He is our most learned and the son of our most learned.”

Allah’s Messenger, peace be upon him, asked them, “What if Abdullah bin Salam were to accept Islam?”

They said, “May Allah save him from that.”

Abdullah then came out and said, “I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is Allah’s Messenger.”

They began to say, “The worst of us and the son of the worst of us…” and similar remarks.

This is a quality of the Jews: exaggerating in praising the one who agrees with them and then exaggerating in condemning him once he differs with them. (more…)

Another One Bites the Dust: al-Sabt vs. Rabee’

Some interesting quotes here from a translated article on Sahab about Abdullah al-Sabt and al-Madkhali:

Sabt: So Jarh wa Ta’deel should be taken from the senior scholars only. The likes of Shaykh Bin Baaz, Ibn ‘Uthaymeen, Al Albani, Salih Al Fawzan, ‘Abdul Muhsin Al ‘Abbad, As-Shaykh ‘Abdallah Al Ghudayan and the great scholars. As for the likes of me and who resemble me then do not take Jarh wa Ta’deel from us. We can only convey and cannot pass rulings. Meaning – when you ask me about fulan, I will convey the speech of scholars but from myself I cannot pass rulings because I do not belong from the people of Jarh wa Ta’deel.

Sabt: So we advise our brothers because a lot of Fitnah has spread, may it be in Yemen or in Algeria or in Azerbaijan or in Kazakhstan … in the Caucasus now there is Fitnah and troubles: this one is an innovator, that one is that.

And on the internet it is much more and you do not know who the speaker is. And what if the writer on the internet is a Jew, who knows? So taking knowledge and building rulings should be taken from senior people of knowledge if you were able to reach knowledge of the elders.

And then they may be lying: Ibn Baaz said.

We say to them: come out with it, bring the evidence (say: bring your evidence if you really are truthful)

As for listening to these young youth then no, it’s not allowed, because they demolished Algeria, and demolished Madina Al Munawwara, and demolished the country of Russia and what surrounds it. They demolished a lot of countries so it is not allowed to give them hearing.

Sabt: Is it clear or do they need any more researching?

Is this clear to them and do they not have anything else for asking?

Translator: (asks those attending if they have any questions)

Sabt: Meaning – we say to them: now you are young, so do not get involved in matters of the elders. Like how Shaykh Al Albani said: “I am amazed at the youth of the Islamic call, they abandon what they are capable of and they get involved in what they are not capable of.”

Now is not your time to make rulings of Takfeer and Tasfeeq, this matter is for the elders.

You are able to call towards Allah the Most-High, to seek Islamic knowledge.

A lot of youth even those now amongst you, you find him speaking in matters of Takfeer and Tabdee’ but if you asked him about the nullifiers of ablution? He would not know.

This is the problem in out times.

Translator: (he began translating and added a little something from himself)

One of those attending questions in Russian: where he named some Scholars: Al Albani, Al ‘Abbad, Al Ghudayan.

So is it permissible to take this knowledge (Jarh wa Ta’deel) from Shaykh Rabee’ Al Madkhali because now there is a lot of Fitnah?

Translator: He said O! Shaykh a question related to the same topic:
Did you understand?

He said: We heard names that are famous Allah willing – meaning – the speech is clear.

Meaning – does this speech apply to, is it permissible to take this knowledge (Jarh wa Ta’deel) from Shaykh Rabee’?

Sabt: There are requirements for the scholar of Jarh wa Ta’deel that he must meet.

First: Knowledge.

Second: Wisdom; which is withholding with patience, derivation and validation (Tathabut).

Like how the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: inform the peopleý

‘Ali bin Abi Talib said: “Speak or inform people according to their intelligence capabilities. Do you like for them that they lie upon Allah and His Messenger?”

Ash-Shaykh Rabee’ may have knowledge, only he does not have wisdom that makes him when to say and when not to say. He does not validate (Tathabut).

And the most famous example about that is; that Shaykh Rabee’ (may Allah preserve him) – and he is my peer – praised shaykh Faalih a lot and we know Faalih from the time that we were with Juhaiman’s group.
You may have heard of this Juhaiman’s group?

When I was with them, Faalih was also at that time.

Faalih is an ‘Aamee (normal) person, he does not understand anything.
But because he (Faalih) was stern on Ikhwanul Muslimeem, Shaykh Rabee’ praised him and made him into an Imam from the Imams of Jarh wa Ta’deel. And then his (Faalih’s) arrogance took over him so he began slandering Shaykh Rabee’. And now on the internet Faalih curses Rabee’ everyday. But we did not see from the students of Al ‘Abbad, Ibn ‘Utahaymeen and others to have turned. This is because Al ‘Abbad does not praise except in proportion and so do Ibn ‘Uthaymeen and Al Albani.

So we say that we respect Shaykh Rabee’ but we do not take his statement about Rijaal (people) because he does not validate (Tathabut) whereas he only believes (Usadiq).

Meaning – if you came to him (Shaykh) saying about fulan: he will believe him. [May be he (Sabt) means to say ‘he will believe you‘]

And then that one came and said: he believes.
An Imam does not believe all the people.
An Imam is like an ocean, everything falls into it.
And he extracts from it what he needs, not what the youth want.

So we respect Shaykh Rabee’ and he is my peer but the truth is more deserving of being followed.

Sabt(interrupting): Note; Shaykh Rabee’ was from the Ikhwanul Muslimeen long time before he became a Salafi. And for that reason all the old books of Shaykh Rabee’ are filled with quotations from Sayid Qutb, and this is present.

Translator: (he began to translate and added something bad about the honour of the noble scholar; Ar-Rabee’)


Shaykh Rabee: “I was never an Ikhwani; ever. But I went with them for an interval with the condition that they would expel people of innovation from their rows. And with the condition that; they would bring up the youth upon the Salafi Methodology. And I used to accompany those from them who attach themselves to the Salafi Methodology and not with those from the people of innovation. And likes of this was done by some of the Salafis, and from them was Shaykh Al Albani. So will you say O ‘Adnan that Shaykh Al Albani was an Ikhwani or from Ikhwan?! And will you demand his (Albani’s) recantation?” -End.

Sabt: Books of Shaykh Rabee’ that refute Sayid Qutb and others I published them, provided that I disagree with him (Shaykh) in his sterness (harshness). But as for the books that I saw to be beneficial, I published.

Translator: Shaykh (to Sabt) even the speech of Al Albani about him (Shaykh) is clear, he (Al Albani) said, “his (Rabee’s) speech is beautiful but – meaning – in it is severity and harshness.”

Sabt: and then we – meaning – with regard to our brother Munajjad, we believe that he has good and truth; so we praised him in that and we believe that he has mistakes in other issues like ‘Amal Al Jama’ee’ (teamwork); we warned from that.

The gang of Jarh wa Ta’deel do not have this method, they have with them either East or either West. And this is not allowed.

Meaning – it is not allowed to waste the good deeds of a person against the mistakes he fell into.

Translator: (began to translate and adds something bad about the honour of the Salafiyeen and those whom he calls the followers of Shaykh Rabee’)

And the reply at the beginning of this audio material where one of the brothers asked As-Sabt in Russian about Al Munajjad:

Sabt: His (Munajjad’s) ‘Aqidah (creed) is pure. Tell him.

Translator: Al Munajjad.

Sabt:  His ‘Aqidah (creed) is sound without Bid’ah (innovation), I benefit from his cassettes. He has a beautiful cassette called ‘In the Market of Daýwah’ by Al Munajjad. It is from the nicest there can be, from the best I have heard.

But the thinking he carries is the same thinking as that of Salman Al ‘Awdah and group, which is the assembling together of all different groups and parties.

As for his ‘Aqidah (creed) it is pure, 100 in 100%.

Returning to the audio:

Sabt: Before they used to praise ‘Ali Hasan ‘Abdul Hameed and the Mashayikh of Jordon, and now they disparage them without change.

Translator: (translates)

Sabt: Let them ask if they have anything.

I say: When the Salafis criticised shaykh ‘Ali Al Halabi (may Allah preserve and guide him), they criticised him for the expressions in his book opposing methodology of the Salaf. And this criticism came about to be public after long patience and when plenty of secret advising had continued for a period of time.

So the reality is that shaykh ‘Ali Al Halabi changed his stance on some of the issues of methodology and came with expression that cannot be served in the Salafi methodology. And the one who would like to know more on this issue may refer to what shaykh Dr. Ahmad Bazmool (may Allah preserve him) wrote from the articles on Sahab Al Khair (

So his (Sabt’s) saying, “and now they disparage them without change” is untrue, and Ahlus-Sunnah are the staunchest of people in uniting and loving but that does not mean that they will keep quite and defend with misguidance, an individual from amongst themselves if he came out with opposition in many issues.

And I would like to clarify an issue which is heard repeatedly that the Salafis are making Tabdee’ of shaykh ‘Ali Al Halabi (may Allah preserve him and guide him) on Sahab. And this also is from lies.

And what I would like to remind my brother authors is the need of kindness and softness with those to whom the issue of oppositions of shaykh ‘Ali Al Halabi against the truth have not become clear yet.

Returning to the audio material:

One of the Arabs attending asks saying: Is it possible for you to expand on the last point which you mentioned; justice being from the rules of Jarh wa Ta’deel.

Sabt: Ayyy

Its must to be just, its imperative for the scholar to be just – meaning
But he thinks about himself to be just, just because he does not validate; he loses it.

And it’s imperative upon him to be just; if not then he cannot become an Imam.

The article is followed by this bit:

This refutation [its Arabic original] was read by Shaykh Rabee’ bin Haadee – hafidhahu-Allaah – on Friday 12th of rabee’-ul-awwal 1431H, after salat-ul-maghrib, who said:

(It is a knowledge-based refutation and sufficient.)

And he – hafidhahu-Allaah – also said:

(‘Abdullaah As-Sabt is a kadh-dhaab [a liar]!)
And he – hafidhahu-Allaah – was asked:

Should the Russian speaking youth attend classes at his [Sabt’s] maktabah?

So he – hafidhahu-Allaah – said:

(Of course not, this is ma’roof [known/established])

The one who quoted this speech is an Albanian brother who studies in makkah and attends lessons at theShaykh’s – hafidhahu-Allaah.  Anyone who wishes to confirm, can call and confirm with the Shaykh – hafidhahu-Allaah.

And Allaah is witness to what I said.

Wa salla-Allaahu ‘alaa nabiyyina Muhammad wa ‘alaa aalihee wa sahbihee wa sallim    Send article as PDF   

Madkhali’s Corrupt Principles: Veiled Takfeer and Outrageous Claims

As is well known to many, Rabee al-Madkhali has had his differences for various reasons with a well-respected Salafi Shaykh by the name of Adnan Ar’ur. In fact, he was well respected even amongst Madkhali’s followers (Ramadani cites him as a respected authority in his Madarik al-Nazar) before he crossed paths with Madkhali and Madkhali decided he had to be destroyed. In his typical style, because he is bankrupt of knowledge or proofs, Madkhali resorts to outrageous claims against his opponents. The following are a few examples of his statements against Sh. Adnan, from the tape Inqidad al-Shuhub al-Salafiyya. Firstly, while claiming that Sh. Adnan’s only goal is to divide Salafis worldwide, he declares (1-b):

And by Allah, Islam is not plotted against except with the likes of this man who wears the clothing of Islam, for ibn Saba’ wore the clothing of Islam and destroyed it (sic). Al-Mukhtar ibn Abee Ubayd wore this clothing; Abu Muslim al-Khurasani wore this clothing. Ibn Tomart wore this clothing. Many throughout history have worn this clothing in order to strike Islam, and before them, there was Paul who wore the clothing of Christianity and destroyed it. Likewise, this man wants to destroy the Salafi Manhaj with his false, wicked principles.

From this description, it sounds as if he is accusing Adnan Ar’ur of being a major Munafiq and Zindiq!

Then, in tape (2-a), he addresses Sh. Adnan, saying:

And you fight the people of Tawhid, O Adnan. You fight the people who critique those who espouse Wahdat al-Wujud. For this purpose, you have invented these principles. You fight those who critique those who attack the Prophets. You fight those who critique the ones who attack the Companions of Allah’s Messenger. All of this after you have come across these things and known them. So what salafiyya do you have, O Adnan? What salafiyya do you have except that which you falsely ascribe to yourself so that you may corrupt the Salafi youth worldwide. I don’t think you believe in salafiyya at all, this is what I profess and embrace for Allah’s sake. You only claim something of Salafiyya so that you can misguide the Salafi youth. If you had any bit of Salafiyya with you, you would not have done even some of these things, to say nothing of all of them, because you do not love the truth, and you do not love its people. How can you retract from falsehood which you were raised on and have lived on and for the sake of which you have laid out principles? How will you retract from it….

On side b, he goes on to say:

I have not seen his likes. By Allah, ibn Sa’id who kept Allah’s Messenger and the Companions sleepless did not reach this level of deception and playing around, and yet the Companions did not leave him alone. They kept him restless and circulated that he was al-Dajjal… so Adnan is like this, by Allah, this man did not reach this level of deception… So I am of the view that they (the followers of Adnan) are worse than the Qutbis, more evil than them. At least, the leaders of the Qutbis have some honor and some character and honesty. However, this man is lost, completely lost; no honesty, no valid manhaj, he doesn’t resemble the callers of falsehood nor the callers to Sunnah, and refuge is with Allah!!! At least the callers of falsehood have some shame, and some honor, and some hesitation about lying. This man doesn’t hesitate to lie… He doesn’t care whether people call him a liar or not, he doesn’t care. A man who has dropped to such a level, how can he have any sanctity left in the eyes of those who respect this Manhaj and respect their own reason?!! In any case, we live in an age when – ya’ni – the souls of many people are ready to receive the Dajjal. Many are prepared, and perhaps Adnan and his likes are preparing these souls for receiving the Major Dajjal, Nas’alullah al-Aafiyah. When the soul dies and lying is not longer shameful or embarrassing to it, what good is left in it? What honor can it have left, to say nothing of having any of the Salafi Manhaj left?

And he states (2-a):

The principles Adnan invented, the Qutbis have not invented their like, no one have invented them, not even Shaytan invented such.

Elsewhere, in the tape Liqa’ Abr al-Hatif Min Holanda (side b), he says about the ‘principles’ of Shaykh Adnan:

These new Khawarij and the new Ghulat al-Murji’a have laid down principles which possibly may not have even crosses the mind of Iblis across the length of human history!!

Al-Madkhali should realize he is only digging his grave deeper, and his preposterous accusations and ludicrous claims impress none but his most brainwashed followers. This is just a small example which demonstrates that al-Madkhali himself is truly the role model that his followers emulate in making the absurd, unjust, and unfounded claims about their opponents. Therefore, it is not fair to blame his (ex-)stooges such as Falih al-Harbi or Fawzi al-Bahraini or Abu Khadeeja for the spread of extremism while exonerating al-Madkhali. Finally, al-Madkhali and his follower should realize that their words are being recorded by the angels, and very soon will be the reckoning, Nas’alullah al-Aafiyah…    Send article as PDF   

Rabi al-Madkhali’s Slander of ‘Abdullah ‘Azzam

Al-Madkhali states in the tape “Munazara An Afghanistan” (cited in al-Jami Fil-Radd Alal-Madkhali Min Ashritatih):

(… وعبد الله عزام وغيره من الإخوان مستعد يعيش مع الروافض مع الخوارج مع كل أهل البدع وما يستطيع يسكت عن السلفية، يستطيع يسكت عن الرفض وأهل الحلول وعن وحدة الوجود وعن كل شيء لكن لا يستطيعون أن [يقام] للسلفية، عبدالله عزامولا غيره، وهذا شيء ملموس، وهذا شيء أنا أعرفه وعايشته من الداخلوالخارج)اهـ

“Abdullah Azzam and others from the Ikhwan are prepared to live with the Rawafidh, with the Khawarij, with all the people of innovation… but he is unable to remain quiet about Salafiyyah. He is able to stay quiet about Rafd, about the believers in al-Hulool, about pantheism (Wahdat al-Wujud), about everything… but they cannot stand (unclear word) al-Salafiyyah. (Not) Abdullah Azzam, or anyone else. This is something noticeable, and this is something I know and experienced, from the inside and the outside.”

He also says:

عبد الله عزام أبعد عن المنهج السلفيوأعدى عدو له، كوثري هالك، عبد الله عزام، وما كان تقر عينه إلا بمحاربةالمنهج السلفي، أبو غدّه يقول: أنا سلفي، وهو أكبر عدو للسلفية، وعبد اللهعزام يحارب الألباني ويدافع عن أبي غدّة، ويقول: أنا أستطيع أن أدرّس التوحيد فيلحظة واحدة في نص ساعة، أدرّس التوحيد في نص ساعة: الله فوق، وكذا، خلاص أنا موحد،وكان شغله الشاغل محاربة السلفية)اهـ

“Abdullah Azzam is far away as can be from the Salafi Manhaj ™. He is an extreme Kawtharite… Abdullah Azzam. He would not be satisfied except to make war against the Salafi Manhaj ™. Abu Ghuddah says, “I’m a Salafi,” but he is the greatest enemy of Salafiyyah. Abdullah Azzam makes war against al-Albani and defends Abu Ghuddah. He says, “I can teach Tawhid in a moment… in half an hour… I can teach Tawhid in half an hour… Allah is up, and so forth… That’s it, I’m a Muwahhid.” And his chief preoccupation was making war on Salafiyyah.”

A note of correction for the Imam of Jarh wal-Ta’dil, it seems – and the historical record will back me up on this – his chief preoccupation was making war on the Soviets.

*Note: Sh. Abdullah Azzam’s Salafi Aqidah is well known to all, and hence there is no need to respond to the absurd claim that he is a Kawtharite!    Send article as PDF   

Falih al-Harbi: Imam of Jarh wal-Ta’dil?

Abu Khadija and co. posted up the following some years back under the title:

Is shaykh Faalih Al-Harbi an Imaam of Jarh wa Ta’deel in this age?

The following question was put to the Shaykh Allaamah Rabee’ ibn Haadi Al-madkhali:

Is shaykh Faalih Al-Harbi considered to be from the scholars and an Imaam of Jarh wa Ta’deel in this age, and what is the ruling of the one who speaks (ill) of him?

The Shaykh responded:

Shaykh Faalih is from the most knowledgable of the people concerning the manhaj of the salaf and he is one of the most knowledgable of the people concerning the hiding places of the Qutubiyoon, Hizbiyoon and other than them.
And he is truthful in that which he relates upon them and in that which he critcises them for.

No one speaks (ill) of him except the people of innovation and misguidance, because he is from those who carry the banner of the sunnah, defends it and calls to it, he does not fear the blame of the one who will criticise and due to this they make war against him and they make war against those who are like him and this is the state of the people of innovation and misguidance in every place and every age.

This is not something which is new to us rather it is something old, from the Khawaarij, Mu’tazilah and the Rawaafid as they used to attack the Imaams of Ahlus Sunnah and accuse them of Hashawiyyah and Guthaa and other than this, this is well known, and every nation has one who will inherit (these characteristics).

And the enemies of the prophets used to attack the prophets, the enemies of the companions used to attack the companions and the enemies of Ahlul Hadeeth used to attack Ahlul Hadeeth, and we Insha Allaah are the inheritors of the prophets and the inheritors of the companions and we call the people to procede upon their way and Manhaj in opposition to other than us and all praise belongs to Allaah.

So, one might ask, what became of our erstwhile Imam? Well, what else? He was kicked OFF THE MANHAJ:

SP Birmingham (UK)

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As Salaamu `Alaykum wa Rahmatullaah wa Barakaatuh

Al-Akh Abu Zakaria, sorry for the late reply. We have only just returned from visiting some of the Mashaayikh in the Mamlakah for advice and direction, and therefore have not been able to view or reply to your post.

Yes we have removed the links and articles of Shaykh Falih, holding that clearly to be the correct position. This issue may confuse a lot of people because it has sprung up quite quickly and has more or less come to its determination fairly quickly as well. However, we must not show ta`assub when the truth becomes clear, regardless of who it is.

The policy we took initially – as we have with previous issues – is to avoid presenting this matter up until the time is appropriate and with precedence from the Mashaayikh. In the initial stage we remained silent following the advice of Shaykh Ahmad an-Najmee and Shaykh `Ubayd, and also seeing that Shaykh Rabee` was giving private advice to Shaykh Faalih on a number of issues. Thus, we have been upon the following advice:
What is taking place between the shabaab of disputation, of acceptance and rejection, and of tension in what relates to the advice of Shaykh Rabee` to Shaykh Faalih was mentioned to the Shaykh, `Allaamah an-Najmee. His reply was on Saturday 26th Rabee` ul-Awwal 1425H, as follows:


All praise is due to Allaah, and may the salaat and salaam be upon the Messenger of Allaah, his family, and companions. To proceed:

Then it has reached me that some of the small students of knowledge are speaking in matters that are specific to the Major Scholars, and this is an error on their behalf. For it is not permissible for them to use every anomalous (situation), [such] that when they hear a word, they spread it, and cause alarm and change. And I advise them that they employ forbearance in the affairs and to show calmness and absence of hastiness. And when anything occurs between the senior people of knowledge, that they do not use this situation such that it results in separation. So this (person) supports this one and that person supports that one. I advise them that they do not do this, and that they should fear Allaah regarding themselves, and that they are not the source of fitnah, and the Prophet (sallAllaahu `alayhi wa sallam) [says]: “Make things easy and not difficult and give tidings (to the people) and do not cause them to flee away” (Reported by Muslim). And the affair that is between Shaykh Rabee` and Shaykh Faalih shall be put aright, looking into the affair will be completed – if Allaah wills – by their brothers and associates, and with Allaah lies success.

This naseehah was dicated by the esteemed Shaykh, Ahmad bin Yahyaa an-Najmee
Signed by the Shaykh, Saturday 26th Rabee` ul-Awwal 1425H

And what was said by Shaykh Ahmad an-Najmee was read out to Shaykh `Ubayd al-Jaabiree who said: “We say the same as what was said by Shaykh Ahmad an-Najmee, and this is what we advise the youth with and we advise them to adhere to it (this advice)”. … did=306160

As for now when the affair is open and clear walhamdulillaah, then we have taken the necessary steps. The articles (about four or five in total) that we had on our web page from Shaykh Falih have been withdrawn as an indication of our belief that the truth is with Shaykh Rabee` without doubt and those other Mashaayikh such as Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadee. The advice of Shaykh Rabee` to Shaykh Falih had been translated and we will post it very shortly inshaa’Allaah.

In addition, we have had extremely beneficial sittings with Shaykh Rabee` with whom we sat in all of the days we remained in Makkah, and also with Shaykh Waseeullaah, and Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadee and also Shaykh Abdullaah al-Bukhaaree. From these meetings we acquired excellent advice and steps for ourselves to both strengthen the Salafee dawah and protect it from potential harms. May Allaah reward these Shaykhs for their concern for the dawah and for their Salafee brothers and sisters in the West.

So, he started out an inheritor of the prophets because of his uncanny gift for chatting up nonsense. When he had a tiff with Rabee, he was declared an opponent of THE MANHAJ (just gives you chills, doesn’t it?):

To allow the english reader to familiarise themselves with some of the erroneous principles of Faalih Al-Harbi here is a short translation of an important portion of this article, which Insha Allaah will give the reader some insight into the issue. I ask Allaah that He allows us to see the truth as the truth and to follow it, and He allows us to see falsehood as falsehood so that we can stay far away from it.

Shaykh Rabee said

He and his hidden group have entered the cellars of darkness, twisting, watering down and there defense is with lies and falsification, and they attack either explicitly or indirectly every individual that speaks the truth, to the extent that the abuse has extended to the belittlement of the Imams of Al-Jarh wat Ta’deel and their fundamental (principles). It is mandatory at this point that I elaborate on certain issues that I discussed with him in the two pieces of advice, which I previously overlooked  as to show him kindness. It occurred that Faalih had rushed to Tabdee’ (declaring someone to be an innovator) and Tajdee’, so some of the youth requested from him the proofs that support this tabdee’, and they did not find the necessary evidences. Then he resorted to inventing a principle which was to remove tabdee’ from the fundamentals of the Imams of Al-Jarh wat Ta-deel, and he built upon this the differentiation between tabdee’ and Riwaayah. Therefore he believes that it is necessary to ask about the reasons why the Ruwaat (narrators of hadeeth) have been criticized, but when it comes to those who he holds to be innovators then it is not a requirement to ask about the reasons for this tabdee’ and criticism, even if those (spoken against) were from the best of the Salafis, then still he should not be asked for the reasons why they have been declared innovators, instead he declares those who ask for the reasons for this tabdee’ to be innovators. Him founding this as a fundamental (principle) lead to him saying that it is an obligation to blind follow the scholars and not ask them for the proof. Who were those who were being asked to blind follow the scholars? Verily they were intelligent students of knowledge and even some of the teachers amongst them were doctors (from the Islamic universities) and not the common people. He also described those who do not blind follow the scholars as destroying the message of the Messengers or having denied the Book, Sunnah and Islam. He and his followers think that he is the single Imam who protects the religion, so he supports them and they support him to attack the heads of the people of the Sunnah and Jamaa’ah, the strong and weak from them by declaring them innovators and pronouncing tyrannical rulings upon them.

The real reason for the tiff between Rabee and his ex-sidekick Faalih is that Faalih started criticizing one of Rabee’s loyal buddies, Abdul-Malik Ramadani, for refusing to take a position on al-Ma’ribi. This is peculiar as Rabee’ attacked many people himself for not taking a position on al-Ma’ribi. In this respect, one must acknowledge that, to Falih’s credit, he was at least being more consistent than his ex-mentor.

It is worthy of noting as well that Falih was NOT kicked off the manhaj when he did a tele-link with Bilal Davies in which he encouraged his American followers to join the US military so that they could go to Afghanistan to fight “Ahl al-Bida”.

This shows the sick, demented priorities of al-Madkhali and his followers. It also calls into doubt their true allegiances, and so it should be no surprise to anyone to hear of yet another Madkhali working for Western intelligence agencies or for the FBI or similar organizations to gather information, to entrap people, or any other task that their masters request of them.    Send article as PDF   
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