Some of the noble salafi brothers from America requested from me that I present a true picture to Sheikh Rabee’ Ibn Hadi Al Madkhali of what happened with our brother for the sake of Allah, Shadeed Muhammad. To present it truthfully and honestly while knowing that Allah is watching over me. So Allah granted me the opportunity on Sunday night on the 6th of Sha’ban in the year 1431 H, I sat with the Sheikh and vividly clarified to him the reality of the situation and his response was as follows:

Sheikh Rabee’ said:

“It is imperative for this brother to repent to Allah and to be sincere to Him in doing so as well as being sincere in his returning to the truth while rectifying his heart and actions as well as those who he is responsible for. If this is not the case, then he is not appropriate to give da’wah in such a state. But if he repents and returns and remains steadfast upon the strait path and this is witnessed from him by the likes of Abu Muhammad Al Maghrabi and the brothers at SP, they witness him return to what is correct and while he is upright and abandons his love for being in the forefront and desiring the chair (i.e. sitting in front of the people) because his love for being in front of the people and being in the forefront causes the scholars to have doubt about him.

So if the sincererity of his repentance is witnessed by trustwothy brothers, as I have mentioned and they see him as someone qualified to be benefitted from, then and only then should he be assisted with the people benefiting from his knowledge, if he has knowledge and along with this, it is imperative for him to do so upon the understanding of the salaf (i.e. the Pious Predecessors) with evidences from the book of Allah and Sunnah of His Messenger (sallAllaahu alaihis wa salam).”

Abu Alee Ahmed Ibraaheem
Rawdah Publications

This whole public tawbah culture initiated by SPUBS and their Shuyukh has made a real mockery of the sacred act of worship that is Tawbah.    Send article as PDF