When ‘Abdullah bin Salam, may Allah be pleased with him, accepted Islam, he wanted to reveal to the Prophet, peace be upon him, one of the qualities of the Jews. He said, “O Messenger of Allah, the Jews are a people given to falsehood. So hide me and ask them about my status amongst them before they learn that I am a Muslim.”

A group of them came to the Prophet and he asked them, “What is the status of Abdllah bin Salam amongst you?”

They said, “He is the best of us and the son of the best of us. He is our master and the son of our master. He is our most learned and the son of our most learned.”

Allah’s Messenger, peace be upon him, asked them, “What if Abdullah bin Salam were to accept Islam?”

They said, “May Allah save him from that.”

Abdullah then came out and said, “I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is Allah’s Messenger.”

They began to say, “The worst of us and the son of the worst of us…” and similar remarks.

This is a quality of the Jews: exaggerating in praising the one who agrees with them and then exaggerating in condemning him once he differs with them.

This is a quality that can also clearly be seen in al-Madkhali and his followers.

If someone agrees with Rabee, he will be the noble Salafi, the Allamah, the Shaykh, the Imam of Jarh wal-Ta’dil, even though he may be an ignoramus.

However, if that person should then have some disagreement with Rabee al-Madkhali, he will stripped of all these titles and after having been an Imam and ‘Allamah, he will become “the most ignorant of Allah’s creation”, “an agent of the Ikhwan to penetrate Salafiyyah”, “more harmful to Islam than the Jews and the Christians” to the end of Rabee’s Dictionary of Insults and Slander.
The following are some prominent examples of this phenomenon.

Falih al-Harbi

Before his fallout with al-Madkhali, he used to say about him, “No one attacks him but an innovator.”

“Shaykh Falih al-Harbi is one of the most knowledgeable people of the Salafi Manhaj. He is of the most knowledgeable people concerning the hiding places of the Qutbis, the Hizbis, and other than them. He is truthful in all that he relates about them and his criticisms of them. Only people of innovations and misguidance would speak against him, because he is one of the flag carriers of Sunnah, defending and calling to it, fearing no one’s blame for Allah’s sake. This is why they wage war against him.”
“Shaykh Falih is a human being, he errs sometimes and is right other times. However, he is a pure Salafi, jealous for Allah’s religion. He does not have innovations. He does not spread innovations. I only know him to be sincere.”

“By Allah, I tell you, the scholars might surpass Shaykh Falih in some respects, but he has a very profound understanding of the Manhaj and defending it. He is knowledge of the Manhaj. By Allah, he has never dropped its banner even one day, he has never changed or swerved here or there. He is firm on the Salafi Manhaj.”

When Falih al-Harbi started to have differences with al-Madkhali, al-Madkhali said about him, “Falih was a friend of Abd al-Latif (Baashmeel) and Farid al-Maliki (both Jaamees thrown off the manhaj by Rabee). When we directed our scathing criticisms against them, he would continue polite relations with them and tolerate them. I don’t know when it is that he left them outwardly and inwardly – Allah knows best. However, the signs of Haddadiyyah could be seen in him, and we and some other mashayikh would advise him up until the present.”

Note: when one Madkhali calls another Haddadi, it means he is extreme; Haddad was a former protégé of al-Madkhali who called for the works of ibn Hajar and al-Nawawi to be burned.

He also said of him:

“He resembles the Rafida in thirteen respects.”

“He was a heavy burden on the Da’wah”

Abul-Hasan al-Ma’ribi

Before his fallout  with al-Ma’ribi, al-Madkhali would lavish praise on al-Ma’ribi.

“These are some points that we have shared with our brother, the Allamah, the noble Salafi, the Mujahid, Abul-Hasan Mustafa bin Isma’il al-Ma’ribi.”

“The genius of Jarh wal-Ta’dil is Abul-Hasan al-Ma’ribi.”
Amongst other lavish praises.

After their differences, he said of him:

“By Allah, we have not known bigger liars than Abul-Hasan and his followers. We have not known bigger liars than them, nor more rabid and wicked in disputing. The Ikhwan al-Muslimin and Tabligh and the other groups are just masaakeen in comparison to this wicked, accursed group founding on lying, wickedness, treachery, chopping up texts, and theft. We ask Allah to guide them or to uproot them and relieve Islam and the Muslims from them if he does not guide them to the Straight Path. They are not Salafis. I think they have been penetrated by the Rafida and extreme Hizbis in order to wage war against us from this website. There are none more wicked than them, we ask Allah to guide them. Our advice to the admin of this website – which has reached the pinnacle of wickedness, or its people have reached the pinnacle of wickedness, lying, treachery, and waging war against the scholars…

… He is a strange person, yet, unfortunately, he has followers. By Allah, if the Dajjal were to come to these followers, they would run behind him. If the Dajjal came to them now, if there came to them someone claiming Rabubiyyah or claiming prophethood, they would rush to him. These followers do not respect truth and they do not respect the scholars, and they have no desire for either. I seek refuge in Allah from this evil and from this tribulation.”

Muhammad al-Maghrawi

When al-Madkhali and al-Maghrawi were on the same page, he would say of him:

“We consider him an Imam. Whoever criticizes him, we hold that he should be dropped.”

“Shaykh al-Maghrawi is one of the Salafi scholars and the Salafi callers… he is not in need of any tazkiyah, if Allah wills. His works are proof that he is Salafi, if Allah wills.” Someone then asked him, “What is your advice to the one who belittles him?” He responded, “It is not befitting nor is it permissible. He should be encouraged and supported in spreading the Salafi Da’wah.”

When his differences began with al-Maghrawi, in preparation for dropping him from the Manhaj, he said, “Maghrawi is just a minor student of knowledge, my brother. He is not the Imam of the world… he is not an Imam or anything. He is a pathetic minor student of knowledge, by Allah… he does not know the manhaj until now… he is a minor student of knowledge stumbling about until now.”

Later on, he would say, “Muhammad al-Maghrawi has written three books in his opposition to the manhaj of the Salaf which make clear his hallucinations of takfir, apostasy, and hastiness.”

And also, “Al-Maghrawi has fallen into numerous deviations contradicting the Salafi Manhaj in foundational matters, such as takfir of the Muslim societies, judging them apostate, that the Ummah agrees to Shirk, and that it agrees to apostasy, and that it agrees to such and such, etc.”

Ali al-Halabi

“When al-Halabi was in agreement with al-Madkhali, he was one of “the scholars of al-Sham” and “the students of al-Albani”.

Now, he is an evil hizbi innovator and al-Madkhali’s followers busy themselves with cursing him on their forums morning and evening, and al-Madkhali has said of him, “He is not one of the students of al-Albani.”

And in the latest news from their cult, Usama al-Utaybi, one of the well-known Madkhali shaykhs from Madinah is relating on Sahab that al-Madkhali said, “If Ali al-Halabi is not an innovator, there is not an innovator on the face of the Earth.”

This is the way of al-Madkhali and the way of the Jews before. When some is with them, he is “the best of us, the son of the best of us” or “an Imam in Jarh wal-Ta’dil”! When he is against them, he is “the worst of us, the son of the worst of us” or “a closet Rafidi seeking to destroy Salafiyyah.”

*Note: the quotes mentioned in this article are just a small sampling of al-Madkhali’s tempestuous rants.

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