A long and painful read (taken from here):

Shaikh Sultaan al-Eeid Advises and Refutes Muhammad bin Haadee al-Madkhalee and Khalid Baaqees (Abu Zeiad al-Athary)


From the book ‘an-Naseehah li-Aamat il-Ikhwaan wa Eedaah il-Kadhib wa’l-Buhtaan (Hiwaar ma’ Shaikh Muhammad bin Haadee)’, summarised from pages 1-12 of the book

Bismillaah ar-Rahmaan ar-Raheem

All praise is for Allaah the Lord of the Worlds, and there is no enmity except unto the transgressors, I bear witness that there is no god worthy of worship except Allaah alone with no partner and I bear witness that Muhammad is His slave and messenger and Allaah’s chosen one from the creation, may peace and blessings be upon him, his family, his companions and those who followed them in goodness till the Last Day, to begin:

Allaah mentioned in His Noble Book the saying of Shu’ayb (alaihi salaam)

“I only intend reform as much as I am able. And my success is not but through Allah. Upon him I have relied, and to Him I return.” {Hud: 88}

Meaning in what I command you and forbid you I only intend your reform, see tafseer of al-Haafidh Ibn Katheer.

O noble brother: the Salafis all over the world have been tested with the recent fitna between the two noble Shaikhs (Rabee’ bin Haadee al-Madkhalee and Faalih bin Naafi’ al-Harbee).

From its bitter consequences is that: the hearts are split, the brothers are divided and enmity, hatred and boycotting has spread among them, their seeking knowledge has become weak and so has their da’wah to the manhaj of the Salaf and fighting against ahwaa’ and bida’.
Instead they have become preoccupied with each other and abhorrent Hizbiyyah has manifested itself for Shaikh fulaan against Shaikh fulaan! This has led many to flee from the Salafi da’wah and its people, and the enemies of the da’wah have become busy with what goes on among the Salafis so as to turn people away from the Salafi manhaj and its people.
The reality is a witness to this bitter effect. Issues have become clear which should have been covered up so as to protect the Salafi da’wah as you began to hear some people saying “are you with us or with fulaan?” after the same people used to say “this is the truth and we are with the truth!” Until the fanatical partisan of them says “whomsoever is not with us is against us! And so he has to be brought down!” Insha’Allaah, the words of our Mashaa’ikh on this will soon come.

From the blessings of Allaah on me and on our other brothers from the students of knowledge and noble Shaikhs, is that we did not get involved in the fitnah.
We did this out of following the advice of out Shaikh Saalih al-Fawzaan, I asked him when this fitnah began and he advised me not to get involved and our Shaikh Abdul-Muhsin al-Ubaykaan advised us with the same.
Alhamdulillaah I heard much praise and thanks from the Mashaa’ikh and brothers about my correct mawqif which their admitted because it was based on consulting our Ulama and taking their advice.

But this did not please our brother Shaikh Muhammad bin haadee al-Madkhalee, may Allaah make him successful, because he was one of the main ones involved in this fitnah even though rectification from him was hoped for.
He joined in the fitna and incited it going around the country spreading it, he even did this in private gatherings at Istiraahaat in Riyadh and he did not even meet any of the Salafis in Riyadh except rarely.
The years passed and we – all praise is due to Allaah – strived hard, clarified the truth and the Sunnah, refuted bida’ and hizbiyyaat in our khutbahs, duroos and muhaadaraat and I found acceptance east and west from the Ulama, tullaab ul-’ilm and common folk.
During this time our brother Shaikh Muhammad did not have any efforts in Riyadh until what happened between him and his former companion Shaikh Faalih.
After this time our brother Shaikh Muhammad came to us in Riyadh giving lectures in order to gain supporters and he did this in private gatherings at Istiraahaat and other places. He then started criticising all those who did not join in with him in the fitnah and started inciting statements against those who did not get involved, he was supported in this by his few supporters.
Most of their statements were about their Salafi brothers such as their beloved brother Sultaan al-Eeid and they made many statements about me and to damage my reputation and warn the youth against me so that they would doubt their brother in the da’wah to the Sunnah. The only sin that their brother Sultaan did was to not get involved in the fitna and to continue on the way of our senior scholars!

Some beloved brothers within the Kingdom and outside of it, from Ahl ul-Ilm, requested that I expose this evil method and refute the rumours and claims of our brother, Shaikh Muhammad bin Haadee so that those with little knowledge do not get deceived.

I have written this clarification based on written proofs from our brother Muhammad bin Haadee because the man is a coward and does not openly declare his slander on audio tapes or books.
Our brother Shaikh Muhammad has spread rumours which he has not brought any evidences for up to now!! Wallaahi he does not enter the house from its doors and does not follow the Shari’ way of giving naseehah.
Up to now he has not come to us with any enquiry, communication or letter about the abaateel he has promoted. We wish that he would raise the matter to our senior Mashaa’ikh if what he has spread is true, but he has rejected doing this!

He was advised, may Allaah forgive him, by some of the Mashaa’ikh and tullaab ul-ilm and they clarified to him and responded to the doubts about the fitna, but he continued on his way and did not return from what the suspicions that he promoted.
He continued to secretly spread his rumours among the youth who had no knowledge of the situation and those who trusted him.
If asked openly he would free himself from that saying “I do not know anything about Sultaan except good” and “Allaah has aided the Sunnah with Sultaan.” What is more amazing is that he slandered my deen and manhaj two years before this fitna and it is affirmed that Muhammad bin Haadee incited Faalih to speak about me! Our brother Shaikh Aboo Umar al-Utaybee said in his book ‘Irwaa’ ul-Ghaleel fee Difaa’ ’an ash-Shaikh al-Allaamah Rabee’’, page 119:

Second lie: his lie (al-Ma’ribee’s) on Shaikh Muhammad bin Haadee when he said that Shaikh Muhammad bin Haadee said “there are no Salafis in Riyadh except for one, Shaikh Abdus-Salaam Burjis” – this is a lie from many angles: I asked Shaikh Muhammad bin Haadee about this and he said “this man (al-Ma’ribee) is a Dajjaal and he is a kadhdhaab!” Shaikh Muhammad bin Haadee intended “the students of Shaikh Abdus-Salaam Burjis and Shaikh Sultaan al-Eeid and his students.” End of our brother Shaikh Aboo Umar al-Utaybee’s words that he printed in 1428 After Hijrah.

Yes, this is our brother Muhammad bin Haadee, he gives tazkiyah to Sultaan al-Eeid and even to the students of Sultaan al-Eeid in Riyadh even though Muhammad bin Haadee does not know them!
Because they did not get involved with him in the fitna Muhammad bin Haadee started to slander them and throw them out of Salafiyyah! It almost became like a shop that anyone can enter and leave!
I am not be pleased with what the noble brother Aboo Umar al-Utaybee mentioned in his book from the tazkiyah of Muhammad bin Haadee of me, because the man has two faces with me, one open and one secret. He gives tazkiyah openly and then slanders and warns people secretly!
Some proofs of this will come so do not be in a hurry!

Why did I turn away from him for three years?

Our noble brother Shaikh Muhammad bin Haadee has been speaking about my honour and deen for three years and I have been silent for three years for the following reasons:
1. What he has mentioned about me are merely false suspicions, delusions and hypothetical ideas, so he says things like “you will see” and “I know more than you all know” and “my words will soon become clear to you” and “thiqaat have narrated to me” and then he is not even able to name these “thiqaat”?! This is what Muhammad bin Haadee used to refute Shaikh Faalih for and then Muhammad bin Haadee falls into it himself!!

Reasons for this clarification

This clarification is firstly because of what Shaikh Muhammad bin Haadee and his helpers applied to me. His three helpers include two Saudis: Khaalid Baaqees and Abdullah al-Ahmad, and a Yemeni called Abul Abbaas Aadil bin Mansoor. I have explained the butlaan that they have spread about me and this is a response to what the four of them have spread about me, with Shaikh Muhammad being the main one. This is also my Shari’ right based on what Allaah said, “Allah does not like the open mention of evil except by one who has been wronged. And Allah is ever Hearing and Knowing.” (Nisa: 148)

Secondly, there is a general reason for this clarification which is to warn the Salafis from getting involved in this new fitnah and to explain the painful consequences of this fitnah on the Salafi da’wah.
In agreement with the kalaam of Ahl ul-Ilm such as Shaikh Rabee bin Haadee who said in al-Majmoo al-Waadih, page 163: “Then we come to the kalaam of Abdul-Maalik who said: do not get involved in this fitna because it is a difference among the Mashaa’ikh so whomseoever it does not concern should not get involved” – so Shaikh Abdul-Maalik’s words to the youth “do not get involved” does not mean that he be turned away from. Because most of the youth if they get involved in fitnah it will destroy them and this has happened. So it is better for them to not get involved and to stay away from it so as to preserve their aqeedah and brothers, and so leave the cure to the Ulama.” End of Shaikh Rabee’s words.

I hope that Shaikh Muhammad bin Haadee and his helpers will revise what Shaikh Rabee’ said because by Allaah it is true. Only the one with a sick understanding would exhort the shabaab to support fulaan or fulaan. I hope the shabaab will pay attention to the final expression of Shaikh Rabee’ “leave the cure to the Ulama”. We say as Shaikh rabee says “leave the cure to the Ulama”, so kalaam pertaining to these issues are for Ahl ul-Ilm not for you O gathering of shabaab! So do not be deceived by the door being wide open in front of you to write whatever you wish on internet websites! Fear Allaah and do not issue rulings over the people of knowledge!

Between this clarification

6. It would have been befitting for Shaikh Muhammad bin Haadee to do what we did by referring the matter of this fitna to those who are senior to us in ilm and age and to avert the common youth form getting involved. But he persisted in things he did not need to until he clashed with the Ulama and his Salafi brothers and took a way we do not see any of our Mashaa’ikh follow. This will be explained insha’Allaah.
8. Responding to the mistaken one from Ahl us-Sunnah is not denied (if it is made by Sultaan or other than him) but what is denied are claims that so and so is an oppose even though he is silent. What is also rejected is: producing secret guidance in private gatherings so as to bring down our Salafi brothers and warn the people from attending their lectures and listening to their khutbahs!
9. Pertaining to the issues that Shaikh Rabee, may Allaah make him successful, differed with his brother Shaikh Faalih, may Allaah make him successful – then our reference point before and after this fitnah is whatever is said by our senior scholars such as Shaikh Bin Baaz, Ibn Uthaymeen, Aali Shaikh, Ghudayaan, al-Fawzaan, an-Najmee and the fataawaa of the Lajnah ad-Daa’imah. We have no need for Qeel wa Qaal after this. Major issues have to be referred back to the senior scholars.
10. After this clarification came out and the talbees (deception) of this noble brother Muhammad bin Haadee was exposed along with those around him, we did not find from them a knowledge-based answer. All we heard, as usual, were claims with no daleel and their sayins which we always hear like “we know more about the reality” and “so and so defends fulaan against fulaan”!
From their methods is: to raise the flag of defending Ahl ul-Ilm and respect for them, even though they are the same ones who take Ahl ul-Ilm out of Salafiyyah, make tabdee’ of them and slander their honour and deen! Then they claim to respect Ahl ul-Ilm!? May Allaah fight against evil desires! Shaikh al-Ubaylaan spoke the truth when he said: “they warn from Hizbiyyah and then fall into clear Hizbiyyah themselves!”

From the book ‘an-Naseehah li-Aamat il-Ikhwaan wa Eedaah il-Kadhib wa’l-Buhtaan (Hiwaar ma’ Shaikh Muhammad bin Haadee)’, summarised from pages 12-15 and 35-37 of the book

This last fitnah has had effects which have been other than praiseworthy for the da’wah Salafiyyah and by Allaah my fear of these effects are what prevent me from entering into this fitnah, not out of me supporting fulaan or fulaan as one with no concern for the masaalih or mafaasid thinks.
You have here some effects of this fitnah which some want (like Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadee and his helpers) me, students of knowledge and the shabaab to delve into even with the knowledge that each side accuses the other of the same reason! And then produce the same effects.
This does not concern us, what is important is treating these effects after establishing them. From the effects of this fitnah:
1. Harming the reputation of the da’wah Salafiyyah around the world and causing people to flee from it.
2. Argumentation and disputation again and again, this fitnah began as an argument over issues then led to other issues which have not ended, except at the doors of the Sharee’ah courts! This has harmed the Salafi da’wah and those who follow it, and history will mot show mercy!
3. Averting the Salafi youth from knowledge and gaining understanding in the deen, so that now their main occupation is fitnah and their gatherings became filled with reports about fitnah, after they were filled with reading the Saheehayn and other books of Ahl ulI-lm. And so that my words will not be without daleel I will give an example. One of the annual Salafi conferences in the Hijaaz which I was involved in before the fitnah (Sharh of Laamiyyah of Shaykh ul-Islaam) used to have students numbering 400 according to what one of the organisers told me. Then after the fitnah the number of students went down year by year to the extent that the number of students reached just 25!
4. This fitnah harmed the manaabir of the da’wah Salafiyyah and so that it cannot be said that “he speaks without daleel” I will give an example of this. One of the Salafi internet websites which Allaah brought benefit with, and was one of the ways for good to srpead and for the truth and the Sunnah to be clarified and was a website that a number of Mashaa’ikh and Tullaab ul-Ilm would write for clearly using their names and there was great acceptance lillaahi hamd. So when the fitnah began it would have been more befitting for the moderators of the website to know that they are not the only owners of the website and that actually it was for all of the Salafis and is not the right of any person to use the site for argumentation which are not good for the da’wah. But the site fell into being an arena of argumentation where your friend was not known from your enemy because sometimes the Hizbee would hide behind a hidden name and show enmity to Salafiyyah. Or a foolish friend would write who has no understanding of the general masaalih to the da’wah, or the jaahil would speak about a matter that he does not fully understand properly. It sparked off disputation, argumentation and slander with vile speech to the extent that it filled the entire website. La hawla wa la quwwata ila billaah! It led to people fleeing from the Salafi manhaj.


A. Some of the noble scholars have turned away from writing on the website.
B. After these noble scholars stopped writing on the website it should have been more befitting to continue this good by gaining understanding from them and solving this issue. But this did not happen.
5. And from its bitter consequences: Tahazzub and tafarruq, enmity and hatred among the Salafi youth who got involved in this fitnah, as our Shaykh Abdul-Muhsin al-Ubaykaan said in a question on this fitnah which was on Sahab. Our brother Abdul-Kareem al-Muhanna Imaam of al-Jaami’ al-Kabeer in the city of Shaqraa’ told us on Tuesday 5/10/1428 Hijri about what happened in Morocco when he mentioned to some people that he would visit one of his Salafi brothers there, and these people were followers of one man before this fitnah. They used to struggle against the grave-worshippers, Sufi Dervishes and Hizbees around them and Allaah brought benefit with their da’wah. Then the fitnah began and then two disputing groups emerged each having enmity to the other. They became occupied with each other and the da’wah failed. They said to me “if you go to visit them they will say you are such and such, and if you visit the other they will say such and such”!? End of Abdul-Kareem al-Muhanna’s words. Some of the Salafi brothers in Algeria told me, such as the brother Muhammad Shabeer, that the Salafis there fight each other in the streets over this fitnah!! Not to mention the tabdee’ which goes on among them which has lead to some of them abandoning Salafiyyah and even religion altogether! They became a proof against us and enemies of us and it can be said that the likes of this have taken place in other countries. Shaykh Abdul-Maalik ar-Ramadaanee said that some of the French people who became Muslim left the deen after they saw the disputes and fitan which were going on among our brothers!

8. From its fruits: damaging the reputation of the da’wah Salafiyyah with the Ulama and people in authority (Wullaat ul-Amr). As for the Ulama then their fataawaa and advice over this fitnah is clear and they described those who get involved as having Hizbiyyah.


When Shaykh Muhammad, may Allaah grant him success, is unable to present daleel for what he says about his brothers he says “the thiqaat have narrated to me”. So when it is said to him: name them so that we can know their trustworthiness or not, he refuses to name them and keeps them hidden. So now I request that he names his witnesses by saying “fulaan testifies to this” and to mention what his witness has heard or seen, this is a condition. I also request, as other have, but he refuses to mention them. This is why, I attach this baatil and lies which he has spread about me to him (Muhammad bin Haadee) because he has not mentioned their names up to now. If the man wants to hide his witnesses and helpers and is scared to name them, then I will take the opportunity to name them for him.

These are the ones who have been spreading things along with their Shaykh Muhammad: a Yemeni and two Saudis:
The first one: A Saudi who is resident in Hijaaz called Khaalid Baaqees (Abu Zeiad al-Athary) who is of those who are close to Shaykh Rabee and love him. He is the owner of ‘Live Salafi Duroos’, but he, may Allaah forgive him, has evil suspicions and believes delusions. He spreads baatil about me and was not successful and all praise is due to Allaah, this is because he is not from Ahl ul-Ilm but he entered matters which he does not understand properly and then attacks others! He was the reason for spreading things about me:
This man (Khaalid Baaqee – ‘Abu Zeiad al-Athary’) contacted me during the first few days of this fitnah, inciting me against Shaykh Fawzaan! He was angry with Shaykh Fawzaan and had enmity to him! He requested that I go to our Shaykh al-Fawzaan and “advise him” (like this he said!?). I said to him: “what?!” He then replied that Shaykh Fawzaan sent a fax to Shaykh Rabee’ advising him over some issues, so I felt that this was not befitting for this man (Khaalid Baaqees – ‘Abu Zeiad al-Athary’) to say. And I do not get involved in the matters between two Shaykhs, and I did not get involved with them in this fitnah, so the man (Khaalid Baaqees – ‘Abu Zeiad al-Athary’) became angered and then began to spread things about their brother afterwards!! Khaalid Baaqees (‘Abu Zeiad al-Athary’) then contact others besides me from the Salafis inciting them against Shaykh Fawzaan due to this fax, Khaalid Baaqees (‘Abu Zeiad al-Athary’) contacted our noble brother Aboo Abdul-Azeez as-Sulaymaan al-Ya’eesh and he testified to this. Brothers have also testified that this man (Khaalid Baaqees – ‘Abu Zeiad al-Athary’) slanders our Shaykh Abdul-Muhsin al-Ubaykaan and accused him of speaking about Allaamah al-Albaanee! Based on this brothers have stated that in the ‘Live Salafi Duroos’ room he does not allow the duroos of Shaykh Abdul-Muhsin al-Ubaykaan.
When Shaykh Abdul-Muhsin al-Ubaykaan was asked about this he said that they were all liars and refuted them. This man (Khaalid Baaqees – ‘Abu Zeiad al-Athary’) even has evil suspicions about Shaykh Fawzaan! And he does not allow the duroos of Shaykh Abdul-Muhsin al-Ubaykaan! So what do you think he will say about their student Sultaan?!
My brothers: this is the calamity which has affected the da’wah Salafiyyah, the common man becomes able to make a ruling upon Ahl ul-Ilm! Here is a benefit from Shaykh Rabee (hafidhahullaah) when he stated in al-Manhaj al-Waadih, page 198, about those who slander our Shaykhs Fawzaan, Aali Shaykh and al-Luhaydaan: “These are the notables of the Sunnah and whoever defames them has followed his desires and has shown his bida’ and enmity to the Sunnah and its people.”

The second one: A Yemeni called Abu’l-Abbaas Aadil bin Mansoor from Ta’iz, he attended my khutbah a few years ago and used to work with the da’iyyah Sa’d al-Barraak, even though at the same time he used to make tadleel of him! He used to attend his lessons, as I’ve heard, and used to claim that he was “clarifying the Salafi manhaj through that job”?! Meaning: He used to work with him while he knows Salafiyyah and Hizbiyyah and then left him upon what he was upon?! When this fitnah began he spread things about me. The man, may Allaah forgive him, began to spread things about me in Yemen, and the refutation of Shaykh Muhammad is the same refutation for him because the source is all the same! Just as the manner is all the same! And the lies are what they are so there is no need to repeat them again. By Allaah I thank my Salafi brothers in Yemen because many of them called me asking me about what he was spreading there about me, such as our brother Shaykh Ahmad bin Safeel. He mentioned that Abu’l-Abbaas spread things about me which were not befitting and that he wanted to affirm these matters. I praised him for checking first with me, may Allaah increase him in goodness. The brothers in Yemen were surprised when they found out that this man was defaming my deen. He used to pass by all other Masaajid to come to my Masjid and pray Jumu’ah, the daily prayers, taraweeh and qiyaam behind me even up to this year (Ramadaan 1428), so why did he pray behind me even though at the same time he warns people about me?! So if the brothers in Yemen were surprised about the condition of this man, what is even more surprising is that the man warns from the callers to the Salafi manhaj, like his brother Sultaan, and then does to work with those who he views as being misguided and having Hizbiyyah (such as Sa’d al-Barraak) claiming that he is doing that in order to clarify the manhaj of the Salaf and convey the haqq?!
I ask Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadee, and this man is one of his helpers and witnesses, is it permissible with you to let the Salafi shabaab work with the likes of Safar, Salmaan, al-Umar and az-Zindaanee in preparing their lessons for them, in order to “convey the manhaj of the Salaf” as your companions have said?! And it has to be known that the one being testified against has a right with the Qaadee and others to censure lying witnesses and clarify their situation, especially if the prosecutor says they are “thiqaat”.

Of the shameful aspects of this man (Abu’l-Abbaas), may Allaah forgive him, is that he said to the brothers in Riyadh: “When I go to Yemen I do not warn against Sultaan at all, I just said: ask the Mashaa’ikh”! O people of Yemen if this man had warned against me then he is lying about this negation, you have no need of a liar against us. As for him saying “ask the Mashaa’ikh” then yes, the brothers asked the Mashaa’ikh and they gave me tazkiyah and refuted you and the brother Muhammad (bin Haadee)! Go to my website and you’ll see that! Some brothers have also testified that he also defamed me by saying: “Sultaan is obscure and has been unclear lately, he did not clarify his position about what happened between the two Shaykhs (Shaykh Rabee’ and Faalih).” The man is lying about this too, because he knows my position very well and that it is based on the fataawaa of our senior Mashaa’ikh such as al-Fawzaan and others.
So there is nothing obscure except that which is in his heart, which is the sickness of loving to be known during fitan, we ask Allaah for safety and good health. As for his saying “he has been unclear lately” then “unclear” about what?!
And if Sultaan was obscure then why did you bypass all other Masaajid to pray behind me?!
What angered our brother Abu’l-Abbaas, and this is the important issue, is that I told the shabaab to refer back to the fataawaa of the Lajnah ad-Daa’imah in regards to issues of eemaan that they differed over and not to refer to me! I do not know why he became angered and turned his face away from it?!

This is the condition of your second witness O Shaykh Muhammad! The brothers have testified that he says the likes of things that you say, so which one gets deceived by the other, the Shaykh or the student?!

From the book ‘an-Naseehah li-Aamat il-Ikhwaan wa Eedaah il-Kadhib wa’l-Buhtaan (Hiwaar ma’ Shaikh Muhammad bin Haadee)’, summarised from pages 39-43 of the book


Shaikh Muhammad and those who are with him have taken a new way in Jarh which they have becomes distinguished with!? I fear that one who has no knowledge might follow them in this and this is why it is necessary to clarify it. From its distinguishing characteristics is:
1. Secret and open ikhtilaaf. Yes, he warns secretly and makes jarh in a hidden way, so he warns against his brother in private gatherings openly or tacitly. Then, he frees himself from having done this openly, rather he gives tazkiyah openly as he has done with me and I gave proof of this earlier.
2. Use of vague and general matters, so if we discuss with him he is unable to clarify them or explain them, and he is unable to present evidence for them…for this reason I request the brothers to separate from him and his likes and to not be pleased with them and their general matters which they confuse the Salafi shabaab with.
3. Indulging in what is not befitting, so you will find with them (Shaikh Muhammad and his helpers) blowing matters up out of proportion and glorification of their speech with terms of expression which makes the listener think that those speaking have ilm and khabr, or that he has come across something which no else has before, or that he (Shaikh Muhammad) is the first to expose the Hizbiyyah of his brother! And that he had ilm of fulaan’s misguidance and enmity to Ahl us-Sunnah years ago! Even though within that time he (Muhammad bin Haadee) used to give tazkiyah to him and defend him for the “general benefit” as is claimed!?
4. Use of unseen affairs and guess-work, so if it is said: what is your evidence? They say: “we know and you don’t know!” Or “it will become manifest to you”! Shaikh Muhammad should know that the Qadi of the Sharee’ah Court does not accept these accusations of knowing the unseen and guess-work, such as “we know and you don’t know” and “you will see” and the likes!
5. Rising to the occasion to make jarh of people and expel them from Salafiyyah and to make tabdee’ of them! This is even though the senior Mashaa’ikh are present, and this is what happened with Shaikh Muhammad’s close friend Shaikh Faalih, for Shaikh Faalih used to make jarh of people, and you (O Muhammad bin Haadee) and your helpers supported him and made him an “Imaam” and “the ditch between Salafiyyah and Hizbyyah”, the “bridge of the Salafis”, so after these praises he did not reject rising up to give jarh. But you O Shaikh Muhammad: why do you speak when these Shaikhs are present and they are more senior to you in age, knowledge, intelligence and knowledge, and in their knowledge of the men and their states like our Shaikh Ahmad an-Najmee, and our Shaikh Zayd al-Madkhalee, and our Shaikh Saalih al-Fawzaan and our Shaikh ’Ubayd al-Jaaibree and Shaikh Saalih as-Suhaymee, Shaikh ’Ubaykaan and others. Rather, they have all stated that they oppose you and they refute you for your ta’n on your brother Sultaan. So my advice to Shaikh Muhammad is: to not issue anything in this great affair, as he does not fully understand the affair as you can see!!
Sheikh Muhammad used to follow Shaikh Rabee’ and Shaikh Faalih in making jarh of men so then what has made him issue his own jarh now?! I remind you of the saying of the fuqahaa: “whoever rushes something before its time will be punished by being deprived of it.”
6. What can be noticed with Shaikh Muhammad and his helpers in their new slanders is: a lack of tathabbut (verification) and carefulness, and censured haste in making jarh of his brothers and expelling them from Salafiyyah. This is even though Shaikh Muhammad conceptually acknowledges tathabbut in his own lectures, yet practically he totally opposes it!!
I gave some examples of this before and I brought verification of his lack of tathabbut in regards to me and others. So the man slanders me yet as is said he does not know me, it is just “qeela wa qaal”.
After the discussion it becomes clear to you that Shaikh Muhammad is not upon anything!
I mean: he does not depend on anything verified, so if he was able he should have returned to my tapes, books and website so as to be verified. Or, he should have asked the senior Mashaa’ikh, but he just referred back to an old tape, before the fitna, so why does he issue this ta’n on his brothers and expel them from Salafiyyah?
7. Use of things which are unacceptable in an argument, such as his saying “the thiqaat have narrated to me”. So now I have a disagreement with him, so who are these thiqaat who he uses against me?! I have affirmed the lies of these “thiqaat” and what they have ascribed to me. By Allaah on you if his witnesses are thiqaat why doesn’t he name them?! We have shown the lies of his “thiqaat” and we seek from him that he names them and their testimonies and not to come with vague and general affairs.
8. Contradictions – Shaikh Muhammad and his helpers make ta’n of those who are famous for Salafiyyah and support the Sunnah and its people, and then he gives tazkiyah to a majhool and calls them “thiqaat” and we have affirmed their lies! Unfortunately, for some of our brothers jarh wa ta’deel has become the main knowledge, from Allaah we came and to him we return!
9. The method of destroying and dropping (a person) which is more dangerous, so according to them there is only a Salafi who does not make mistakes!! Or a Salafi who makes mistakes, according to what they think, and then his reward is to be expelled from Salafiyyah! This is what the extremist Haddaadiyyah do. This is why up to today we see them apply ahkaam from the right and left without any Shari’ dawaabit (principles) and without returning back to Ahl ul-’Ilm. In this way they are destroying the da’wah Salafiyyah, la hawla wa la quwwata ila billaah! O Allaah suffice us from the evil of fitna!

This is the advice from a brother who has love for his brother:
1. I advise him to not rush in giving a hukm on his Salafi brothers and to know the true estimation of his own self. The reference point for these major issues are the senior scholars and he (Muhammad bin Haadee) has no part in this at all!
2. I advise my brother to be warned against following the lies of the youth who he thinks are “thiqaat” because they can make him fall into that which is not befitting for Ahl ul-’Ilm, as you can see.
3. I advise him to change his style of da’wah and giving advice. I advise him to stay away from vague and generalised methods as if he has hidden knowledge which others have not received yet! Which no one understands except him! I advise him to stay away from words like “you will soon see…” and “it will become clear to you…” and “he will soon do…” and “we know more…” and other terms which expose his bankruptcy of proofs and Shari’ evidences. This is what he did in his slander of me, may Allaah forgive him, and his words have been presented before which he cannot reject unless he denies making them, or unless he is sick and does not know what he is saying!
4. It is upon our brother Muhammad, may Allaah grant him success, who only goes on about the efforts of Ahl ul-Madeenah (!) to also admit the efforts of his brothers and his Shaikhs in Riyadh, the South, Shaam, Yemen and other places and to support them. He is better than denying the efforts of his brothers, and all praise is due to Allaah, in the East and West. which are efforts which none can deny except for….?! I say: the brothers admittance of the efforts of their brothers is better than the “manhaj of denial”, so Shaikh Muhammad should review himself and what he said about his brother “I do not know him…” and “I have not heard of him except for one old tape…” and “I have only seen him once…” and then warn from him and strive to cause corruption and drop his da’wah. Yes, this is support of Shaikh Muhammad and his Salafi brothers, may Allaah rectify his actions and suffice him from the evil of his own self! I say to Shaikh Muhammad and those like him: all praise is due to Allaah, we have no need of your support or your verification of our tapes! For Allaah will support us and make our da’wah reach the East and West, this is the virtue of Allaah upon he wills, even with our immense shortcomings. So if you (Muhammad bin Haadee) support the Salafis then I hope that you will withhold your tongue from your Salafi brothers and refrain from causing fitan against their efforts and trying to strive to corrupt their efforts by saying: “do not go to the lectures of fulaan”, “do not listen to fulaan”, “fulaan inclines towards Faalih”, “fulaan has Haddaadiyyah” to the end of such terminologies which are repeated during these days and what the Libyans and Algerians get pre-occupied with.
5. I advise the brother, Shaikh Muhammad: to not emerge in these types of fitan which are among the Mashaa’ikh, and which the senior scholars speak in, such as the Mufti, Shaikh Fawzaan, Ghudayaan, an-Najmee and others. I remind of what al-Allaamah, an-Naasih, Shaikh al-Albaanee, may Allaah forgive him, stated, who Shaikh Muhammad manifests defence for, and he is correct in doing so, his rich and precious advice when Imaam al-Albaanee stated: “Love for fame will break one’s back!” (hubb adh-dhuhoor yaqsim adh-dhuhoor)!” We ask Allaah to make our actions sincerely for His Noble Face.
6. Just as I remind Shaikh Muhammad, and all of our brothers, about the rights of our Ulama of the Sunnah, such as the three Ulama of the Sunnah of our time: Ibn Baaz, al-Albaanee and Ibn Uthaymeen and others from the Lajnah ad-Daa’imah and our noble Shaikhs. We love them all and are not pleased that any of them are slandered. Whoever of them makes a mistake then this is a drop within the sea of his good deeds and Allaah will forgive him. From their rights upon us is that we spread their knowledge and I think that I, and all praise is due to Allaah, are from those who strive to spread the knowledge of our Shaikhs: Ibn Baaz, al-Albaanee and others from our Ulama and Imams, may Allaah forgive those of them who are dead and bless those of them who are alive. My tapes and khutbahs are famous, and all praise is due to Allaah, I refer to their knowledge within them. It is an honour for me to be a servant to ilm and the Ulama from Ahlus-Sunnah and to defend their honour. So whoever spreads about me what is contrary to this then Allaah is between us and I will complain to my Lord
7. I also advise my brother Shaikh Muhammad to make tawbah to Allaah for what he has put out from his slander of his Salafi brothers, especially our Shaikh Abdul-Muhsin al-Ubaykaan, by spreading a foolish story, as for me then I have a position toward him (Muhammad bin Haadee) which is not hidden, and Allaah will take my right from him and those who help him.
As the poet said,
We are passing towards to the day of Judgement,
When Allaah will gather all disagreements

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