Rabi’ al-Madkhali the Murji heretic – may Allah give him what he deserves – reviewed, approved, and introduced a book called Dala’il al-Burhan. The author added al-Madkhali’s own comments as well in places. The purpose of this book is to misguide the Sunni Muslims from the Madhab of Ahl al-Sunnah to the vile madhab of the Murjia.

In this book of heresies, the Murji author writes:

..وهذا الذي ينبغي أنْ يُقال: بأنّ هذه المسألة – أعني: مسألة تكفير تارك أعمال الجوارح بالكليَّة – هي مسألة خلافيّة, لا يسوغ لأحدٍ أنْ يرميَ المكفِّرين من أهل السنّة بأنّهم خوارج أو أنّهم وافقوا الخوارج وهم يفارقون الخوارج في أباطيلهم وأضاليلهم ولا يسوغ أيضًا لأحدٍ أنْ يرميَ عدم المكفِّرين من أهل السنّة بأنّهم مرجئة أو وافقوا المرجئة وهم يفارقونهم في ضلالاتهم وأباطيلهم وأصول مذاهبهم

This is what must be stated: This issue – i.e. Takfeer of the one who abandons actions altogether – is contentious issue, where it is not allowed for one to accuse those who make Takfeer from Ahl al-Sunnah of being from the Khawarij, or that they agreed with the Khawarij, while they disagree with the Khawarij in their falsehood and misguidance. Likewise, it is not allowed for one to accuse those who do not make Takfeer from Ahl al-Sunnah that they are Murjia, or that they agreed with the Murjia, while they also disagree with them in their falsehood and misguidance.

He also said:

أنّه قد جاء عن بعض الأئمّة ما يدلّ على أنّ هذه المسألة اجتهاديّة يدور الخلاف فيها بين علماء أهل السنّة

It is narrated from some of the Imams that which indicates that this issue is merely that of Ijtihad where the difference remains amongst the scholars of Ahl al-Sunnah

Shaykh Abdullah b. Ghudayan was asked the following question about this book checked and approved by Rabi’ al-Madkhali:

Recently, a new book has appeared on the internet called “Dala’il al-Burhan” where the author states that the issue of the one who abandons actions altogether is a contentious issue amongst Ahl al-Sunnah, where there should neither be any censure or imputing of heresies. What is your opinion?

Ibn Ghudayan said in response:

هذا فـــي الواقع هو قول المرجئة ، فهذا قول المرجئة الذين يجعلون الأعمال مُـكمـّـلة وليست شرطا في صحة الإيمان ؛ يعني يقولون : لو ءآمنا الإنسان بقلبه وماصلـي ، ولا صام ، ولا اعتمر ، ولا حج ، وفعل المحرمات فهذا مؤمن تماما ً ، وهذا ماهو صحيح .

This in reality is the very belief of the Murjia. This is the belief of the Murjia who consider actions to be merely a factor of perfection as opposed to it being the very condition for the validity of faith. I.e. they say: If a person were to believe in his heart, but never prayed, or fasted, or made Umra or Hajj, and indulged in forbidding things then he is completely a believer. And this is not correct.

(Sharh al-Muwafaqat 18/04/1427)


1)      This comes as another nail in the coffin of Rabi al-Madkhali

2)      Ibn Ghudayan clearly declares Rabi’s checked and approved work to be espousing the beliefs of the Murjia

3)      Murjia are a heretics, one of the 72 sects promised the fire of Hell

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