Rabi’ al-Madkhali was once a hardcore Qutubi-Ikhwani. The first edition of his work Manhaj al-Anbiya fi al-Da’wa ila Allah (Methodology of the Prophets in calling to Allah) was forwarded by none other than Shaykh ‘Abd al-Rahman ‘Abd al-Khaliq, his former friend and ally.

In the first edition of the book (Dar al-Salafiyya, 1st edition, Kuwait), Rabi’ al-Madkhali says,

رحم الله سيد قطب، لقد نفذ من دراسته إلى عين الحق والصواب، ويجب على الحركات الإسلامية أن تستفيد من هذا التقرير الواعي الذي انتهى إليه سيد قطب عند آخر لحظة من حياته بعد دراسة طويلة واعية، لقد وصل في تقريره هذا إلى عين منهج الأنبياء عليهم الصلاة والسلام

May Allah be merciful with Sayyid Qutb! He reached the exact truth in his study. It is incumbent upon the Islamic movements to benefit from this knowledge-based conclusion which Sayyid Qutb reached towards the end of his life, after a long and deep study. In this conclusion he highlighted the very Manhaj of the prophets – may Allah’s Salah and Salam be upon them! (p. 139)

Rabi’ al-Madkhali endorses Sayyid Qutb’s manhaj:

أما سيد قطب فقد قام بدارسة واعية، ووصل إلى نتيجة صحيحه، وتقدم بنصيحته للأمة وشبابها، إنه لابد من تربية الأمة على العقيدة الصحيحة، ولا بد من الانطلاق بها من هذه القاعدة…

As for Sayyid Qutb, then he produced a comprehensive study in which he reached the right conclusion. He offered the right advice to the Ummah and her youth that the Ummah must be nurtured on the right ‘Aqida, and that it must begin its journey from this point onwards.

Rabi’ al-Madkhali also affirms al-Hakimiyya like the Qutubis (p.141):

أقول: إنني أؤمن بحاكمية الله، وأن الحكم لله وحده، وأؤمن بشمول هذه الحاكمية، وأنه يجب أن يخضع لها الأفراد والجماعات والحكام والدعاة.

وإن من لم يحكم بما أنزل الله في دعوته، وفي عقيدته، وفي دولته؛ فأولئك هم الظالمون، وهم الكافرون، وهم الفاسقون، كما قال الله، وكما فهمه السلف الصالح، لا على ما فهمه المفرطون، ولا المفرِّطون

I also affirm: I believe in the Hakimiyyah of Allah, and that the right of legislation belongs to Allah alone. I also believe in this very comprehensively, and that it is a must for individuals, groups, the rulers and the masses to submit to it. I also believe that those who do not rule with what Allah has revealed in their Da’wah, ‘Aqida and state, that they are oppressors, disbelievers, transgressors, as Allah has said and as the righteous predecessors have understood, and not how the negligent or the extremists have understood it.

In the same book (p. 141) Rabi’ al-Madkhali makes wholesale Takfeer on entire Muslim population – which Sayyid Qutb never did:

قد تكون هي من الأسباب، وإلى جانبها أسباب أخر، هي كفر الشعوب بالله، وشركها به، وفسوقها عن هداية الأنبياء

…This may be from the reasons, and there may be other reasons besides, such as the population disbelieving in Allah, committing Shirk with him, and transgressing beyond the guidance of the Prophets.

But here comes the million dollar question…

If Rabi’ al-Madkhali read Sayyid Qutb’s works and apparently admired him enough to suggest that Sayyid Qutb discovered for the Ummah the true Manhaj of the Prophets, what then blinded Rabi’s eyes from the list of Kufr he later mentioned in his book against Qutb?

Why is it that in the past he couldn’t notice Qutb’s statement on:

1) Wahdat al-Wujud (pantheism)

2) Khalq al-Quran (creation of the Quran)

3) rejection of al-Hakimiyya

4) Rafd

5) negation of Allah’s attributes?

What led him to praise Sayyid Qutb in such a way in which even we would be shy to praise him, only to make a complete fool out of himself later, by condemning him for a list of supposed kufr and heresies?!

Will he and his followers at least admit that at one point in time, Rabi al-Madkhali was a Qutbi, Takfiri, Khariji, and a dog of the Hellfire?

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