Not very long ago, a tantrum throwing Madkhali from Madina, known as Ubayd al-Jabiri, received a phone call from a follower of his best-friend-turned-worst-enemy, Falih al-Harbi who questioned him about his stance on Ali Hasan al-Halabi in light of the fatwa by al-Lajna al-Da’ima.

Ubayd al-Jabiri advised him to disregard the fatwa against al-Halabi, causing the questioner to accuse him of Irja. After being accused of Irja by the rude caller – who called him and recorded the conversation precisely to entrap him – al-Jabiri fell for it retaliated by saying:

الجزائريون والليبيون كُلَّهُم حمير إلَا من رحم اللَّه

Algerians and Libyans are all donkeys, except those to whom Allah shows mercy!

To his surprise, the Algerian media caught up with him and made him the centre of international controversy:

الجزائريون كُلَّهُم حِمْيَر إلَا مَن رَحِم اللَّه

A Salafi “leader” in Hijaz calls the Algerians and Libyans “donkeys”

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